Former Staff, Students and Visitors

Neethu Arun

MSc student

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Matheus Vargas

Honours student

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Rafael Carreira

Phone: 09-3737599 x81237

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Carla Portela

Phone: 09-3737599 x81237

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Dr. Yuri Zubenko

Research assistant

Ph: 09-3737599 x83040

Email: yyu006 [at]

Samuel Carvalho

Universidade Estadual de santa Cruz, Brazil.

E-mail: samuelmicrobiologia [at]



Chris Ferry

Summer student

Email: cfer042 [at]




Sandra Gallo

Internship student

Email: [at]


Dr. Dang-Dung Nguyen

GC-MS / Metabolomics technician

Phone: 09-3737599 x83040

Email: dung.nguyen [at]


Leandro Ladvanszky

Research assistant

Email: llad191 [at]



Raphael Aggio

PhD (2012)

Email: ragg005 [at]



John Boikov

Phone: 09-3737599 x81237

Email: jboi004 [at]



Jeffry Tang

Phone: 09-3737599 x81237

Email: jtan135 [at]



Michael Yap

MSc (2010-2011)

Project: Metabolic role of menaquinone pathway in Enterococcus faecalis during oxidative stress.

Email: mikeyappz [at]

Yoon Kyum

MSc (2010-2011)

Project: Antifungal effect of honey preparations.

Email: hooruru [at]


Tim Liu

MSc (2010-2011)

Project: Metabolic response of Enterococcus faecalis to oxidative stress.

Email: tliu037 [at]


Kamarul Kamarudin

PhD (2008-2011)

Project: Screening of pigment-producing microbes from the New Zealand environment.

Email: kkam028 [at]

Current Status: Assistant professor at the Islamic University of Malaysia.

Hongqian (Hank) Cui

MSc (2009-2010)

Project: Potential Food Grade Pigment Produced by Brevundimonas vesicularis Isolated from NZ Stream Water.

Email: hank_cui[at]

Current Status: Lab Technician Biotransformation & Flavour Team at Fonterra Research Centre.

Tiffany Sue

MSc (2009-2010)

Project: Detection of microbial contamination in microalgal cultures.

Email: tiffanysue[at]

Current Status: Patent Search/Analyst - Genericsweb.

Sang Heon Kim

MSc (2009-2010)

Project: Elucidation of a secondary metabolic pathway in Epicoccum purpurascens.

Katie Smart

BSc (Hons) (2009)

Project: Metabolic response of Enterococcus faecalis to oxygen.

Current Status: Research Assistant at LanzaTech, New Zealand.


Anna Peñuelas

Internship student from the University of Barcelona (2011-2012)

Project: Lactic acid fermentation using Lactococcus lactis.

Email: anna_dusk [at]


Anne Lacroute

Internship student from Agrocampus Ouest, France (2011-2012)

Project: Large-scale production of bacterial pigment extracts. 

Email: annelac88 [at]


Karolina Sulek

PhD student, Technical University of Denmark (2011)

Project: Bacterial impact on gut metabolome.

Email: kasul [at]

Markus List

Internship (2010)

Project: Building the dynamic model of the gram-positive bacteria Enterococcus faecalis.

Email: markus.list [at]

Current Status: PhD Student.

Simon Malsch

Internship (2009-2010)

Project: Phenotypic characterization of environmental and pathogenic strains of Candida utilis using metabolomics.

Email: SimonMalsch29 [at]

Xavier Duportet

Internship (2009-2010)

Project: The biological interpretation of metabolomic data can be misled by the extraction method used.

Email: xavier.duportet [at]

Current Status: PhD student in Synthetic Biology at MIT (Boston) and INRIA (Paris).

Kerstin Pfuetzner

Internship student from Hochschule Lausitz University of Applied Sciences, Germany (2010)

Project: Pigment production via microbial fermentation.


Katharina Rosenbusch

Internship student from Germany (2009)

Project: Phenotypic characterization of Enterococcus faecalis strains.


Sonia Carneiro

PhD student, University of Minho, Portugal (2008-2009)

Current status: Post-doctoral Research at the University of Minho, Portugal.


Magali Tasteti

Internship student from France (2008)

Project: Minimal medium to cultivate Enterococcus faecalis.


Hala Romanos

Internship student from France (2008)

Project: Genotyping Candida utilis strains .


Audrey Van der Dool

PhD student, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (2008)





From The Lab To Industry...


SF7489 Biological Fungicide

Starting life as a food colouring candidate, this novel metabolite from a unique strain of Epiccocum purpurascens has excellent efficacy against a broad range of phytopathogenic filamentous fungi, and potential pharmaceutical uses. More >>>

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