Mr Elio Gomes Fernandes

PhD Student

Universidade Federal de Viçosa (Brazil) & The University of Auckland 

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Phone: 09-3737599 x81237



  • Metabolomics
  • Biocontrol of insects and phytopathogenic fungi
  • Taxonomy, morphology and genetic characterization of fungal endophytes
  • Fungal phylogeny



  • BSc degree in Biological Sciences from the Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros (Brazil, 2007)
  • MSc in Agricultural and Environmental Microbiology, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil, 2010).
  • In 2011 started his PhD studies in Agricultural Microbiology, Universidade Federal de Viçosa (Brazil). Currently a visiting PhD student at The University of Auckland.



Endophytic fungi associated with Glycine max: Biodiversity and identification of antimicrobials.

This project aims to isolate and identify the biodiversity of endophytic fungi associated with Glycine max (soybean), as well as evaluating the phylogenetic relationships between fungi and identify new antagonists against plant pathogens. Previously, we isolated and selected four endophytic fungi of Glycine max and these showed good antagonism against the plant pathogens Sclerotinia sclerotorium and Phomopsis sp. Therefore now we are focused on identifying the bioactive metabolites behind the antagonistic effect.

This project is a collaborative research between the University of Viçosa (Brazil) and the University of Auckland (New Zealand), supervised by Dr. Silas Villas Boas and funded by CAPES (A Brazilian funding aganecy).



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2 . FERNANDES, E. G.; VALERIO, H. M.; BORGES, M. A. Z. Fungi associated with Musca domestica captured by traps baited with chemical and direct search. Arquivos do Instituto Biológico, v. 80, p. 213-215, 2013.

3. FERNANDES, E. G.; VALERIO, H. M.; Feltrin, T.; SAND, S. T. V. D. Variability in the production of extracellular enzymes by entomopathogenic fungi grown on different substrates. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, v. 43, p. 827-833, 2012.

4. FERNANDES, E. G.; Durães, L. D. S.; BORGES, M. A. Z.; VALERIO, H. M. Isolation and selection of fungi control of third instar larvae Musca domestica. Arquivos do Instituto Biológico, v. 77, p. 317-322, 2010.



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